About Us

About Us

Electronic devices, appliances and other items come with manuals.  Most often, we don’t find the time to read them…until something breaks.  Then we learn how to troubleshoot the problem, and most likely learn about features we never even knew existed!  We should read the manual.

Most of us aren’t functioning the way God intended.  We don’t know who we are, what our divine purpose is, and all that we are able to do.  When we come into a church that is ‘alive’ with the power of God, we learn how to function using the ultimate owner’s manual…the word of God.  We then experience a life we never thought was possible!

At Excel Church, you’ll learn how to function according to purpose and achieve a maximized life. With this knowledge and accountability…you will excel!  This is your Turning Point!  Your journey begins now.  Explore the site, but then experience your breakthrough at one of our spirit-filled services in Akron, Ohio.

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