Issa Christmas Throwback

Issa Christmas Throwback

Issa #TBT Christmas Edition

Wow! This has been a precious tradition for us for longer than we realized . . . more than a decade!

It all started when we were a ministry renting space out of an office building for Sundays. (Still wondering why they made us pay for security). 🤔 Anyway, someone left a message on the voicemail saying they didn’t have any toys for their kids.

We were just beginning the ministry with only a handful of members and a budget of zero for outreach, but our pastors had a huge heart of compassion and love. ❤️

They went to Dollar General and did Christmas Shopping for that family and brought everything — down to the wrapping paper — loaded up their little minivan and dropped everything off to their doorstep.

Fast forward to today, we have always been honored and humbled at how God multiplied that act of love and sacrifice within our ministry which has evolved into the magnificent Excel Church.

Year after year, we have brought together hundreds for a time of fellowship and celebration and the joy of seeing each family leave with a wrapped present is indescribable.

One year, when we were renting the community center for services, but had nowhere to serve the people, we went door to door in a neighborhood and blessed families to keep the tradition of giving alive.

We are excited to see all of you who registered for the first annual Christmas Celebration in our new Goodyear Heights location. And if you didn’t do so, you have until tonight at midnight.

Just TEXT (don’t call — text) the word “TOYS” to 330-403-8088. And make sure you tap the link you receive back to actually register your kids so we have a gift for them when they arrive.

AND if you can keep a secret 🤫 Santa will also be there! We’ll have refreshments and most importantly, we will experience the love of God. See you soon!

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