People over Property

People over Property

Excel Church Youth Welcome You

We may have moved from Panera Bread and the Community Center to the big house – but one thing remains the same . . . it’s about the people and not the property.

While tidying up the property this week, we had the opportunity to chat it up with a gentlemen walking down the street on his way to shoot some hoops in his basketball shorts and muscle T-shirt.

When Pastor Alicia invited him to come in, he hesitated because of his basketball attire. After she explained who we were, he boldly walked into his Father’s house, met a few members cleaning the sanctuary and declared he would return with his family.

This is who we are. No matter where we are, we are loving God’s people and diligently striving to create an environment where EVERYONE feels welcome. You mean so much to God and so it’s a top priority for us to remove any barrier that would prevent you from getting to know Him.

So come in your Walmart uniform if you have to, your scrubs, or your baseball gear. Just come — as you are . . . and we mean that for real. See you soon!

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