Put Him to the Test

Put Him to the Test

The Lord loves a cheerful giver. In fact, He intentionally provides seeds to sowers . . . so if He can trust you, He can bless you.

Let’s say you’re at a restaurant and you want to tip your waitress $15. You hand her $20 and say, I only need $5 back. She never returns with the change because she felt entitled to keep it all. Next time you’d have exact change! You wouldn’t trust her to manage your money again.

When you understand that everything belongs to God and faithfully return tithes and offering to Him, God knows you can be trusted with more! The Lord even invites us to “test” Him in this!

Are you ready for increase?! Don’t let the world’s misperceptions on giving, rob you of the opportunity to experience God in this way. Comment “Lord, you can trust me!”

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