‘Reopening’ Survey Results

‘Reopening’ Survey Results

Is Excel Church ready to reopen?

We use the word ‘reopen‘ loosely because our church is still ‘open‘. We are still loving God’s people and sharing the hope of the gospel.

So what we really mean is ‘reopen for in-person gathering‘. As such, we asked the members to share their readiness to return to in-person services:

The results are in . . . the majority of you are not ready yet. We completely understand and support the decision to minimize exposure to COVID-19 by avoiding in-person gatherings.

Nevertheless, there is a sizable number of you that are ready . . . which is awesome! We love gathering as a church family and cannot wait to do so with necessary safety precautions in place.

The dilemma arises in the unfortunate reality that — of those ready to return — an insufficient number of members are willing to serve in the critical areas needed to safely ‘reopen’.

Would you join us in praying that, in God’s timing, there will be more than adequate support in setting up, sanitizing and serving to allow for in-person gatherings to safely resume?

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