Love Has A Name

Love Has A Name

This Sunday, Pastor Alicia delivered an insightful message from Week 2 of the series Love Has A Name. We learn to love the way Jesus did by interacting with people that are very different from ourselves. Jesus taught us to go beyond our comfort zone when showing love to others.

Focus Scriptures: Matthew 22:35-40; Luke 7:37-50

During the time of Christ, there were 613 commandments enforced by religious leaders. A Pharisee attempted to trick Jesus by asking Him what was the greatest commandment. In His divine wisdom, Jesus answered that there were 2:

  1. Love God.
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

Thus, Jesus simplified all the religious laws into 2 commandments. Although loving others may sound simple, we know it can feel “messy” at times. Like Jesus, we must articulate love with our words and our actions.

We also learn the importance of loving Jesus extravagantly. A woman known to be a sinner lavishly anointed Jesus’ feet with alabaster oil (a costly and rare perfume). She gave all she had to Jesus. Although some critiqued this act as wasteful, Jesus saw her actions as a great demonstration of love and He forgave her sins.

Instead of viewing people as distractions, let’s follow the example of Jesus and look for divine opportunities to show them love.

When have you shown love by doing a kind act for someone you did not know? Please share with us in the comments.

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