Dr. Alicia Lytle

Dr. Alicia Lytle

Pastor Alicia M. Lytle, JD is a gifted evangelist that preaches and teaches from the Word of God with power and authority.  Dr. Alicia was chosen by God to be the founder of Excel Church (formerly Word of Righteousness Church) along with her husband, Pastor Charles J. Lytle.  Affectionately known as “Pastor Alicia” she is a compassionate and transparent pastor that leads the people of God in the way of righteousness. 

She is respected throughout the community as a direct and highly skilled leader that uses her wisdom and abilities to help those who lack spiritually and naturally.  She has a gift of administration to implement the vision God has given the ministry.  Pastor Alicia is regarded as a woman of unwavering conviction who has witnessed God do the unbelievable and encourages others to live a life of purpose through the power of the Holy Spirit. 

She is a virtuous woman…a dedicated and inspiring wife, as well as a nurturing and selfless mother.  She extends her gifts and talents beyond Excel Church as ladypastorpreneur.  Through her tireless efforts a ministry has been built that employs dozens and helps thousands.  We give God the glory for what He has done through His servant Pastor Alicia.

Senior Pastor
Dr. Charles Lytle