Dr. Charles Lytle

Dr. Charles Lytle

Pastor Charles J. Lytle is an anointed prophet that prophesies with precision and ministers with power and authority.  Dr. Charles was chosen by God to be the founder of Excel Church (formerly Word of Righteousness Church).  Affectionately known as “Pastor Charles” he is a loving and accessible pastor that teaches the Word of God with clarity and simplicity. 

He is known as a leader in the community committed to righteousness and concerned about those who others have casted aside.  He has a gift for patiently developing individuals to achieve their God-ordained destinies.  Pastor Charles is regarded as a man of great faith who has witnessed God do the unbelievable and inspires others to live a life of purpose through faith.

He is a remarkable and supportive husband and an absolutely amazing father.  Through his selfless sacrifices a ministry has been built that employs dozens and helps thousands.  We give God the glory for what He has done through His servant Pastor Charles.

Lead Pastor
Dr. Alicia Lytle