Revival: Increasing God’s Power in Your Life

Revival: Increasing God’s Power in Your Life

This Sunday, we continued in the series on Revival. Pastor Alicia delivered a powerful message on the importance of remaining faithful to God and seeking Him first for all our needs. We receive 3 key lessons from the reign of Asa, King of Judah, who ruled over a people who felt insecure and unsure, much like many of us today.

Focus Scriptures: 2 Chronicles 14-16

  1. The Lesson of the Route (2 Chr. 14). When we call on the Lord, He will fight for us and deliver us. King Asa was greatly outnumbered by the Cushite army, but He prayed to God for help and God was faithful to rescue and protect Judah. Be faithful to pray and God will be faithful to answer.
  2. The Lesson of the Revival (2 Chr. 15). If you seek the Lord, He will be found by you. The prophet Azariah encourages King Asa to turn to the Lord and serve Him. Thus, King Asa revives Judah for the Lord and the kingdom is blessed with peace. We must also pray for a revival to come across our Land.
  3. The Lesson of the Rebuke (2 Chr. 16). If we fully commit all our ways to the Lord, He will fortify us. King Asa does not rely on God when his Kingdom is threatened again. As such, Judah experiences wars. Continue to place your dependence fully on God.

What will you do to revive your heart to fully serve God?

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