Revival: Where to Turn in Your Darkest Moment

Revival: Where to Turn in Your Darkest Moment

This Sunday, Pastor Alicia imparted another powerful Word from the Revival series. We learn to seek and trust in God when we feel helpless and overwhelmed by our circumstances in life.

Focus Scripture: 2 Chronicles 20

When multiple enemy armies came against the people of Judah, King Jehoshaphat wisely took the following actions:

  1. Resolved to seek the Lord.
  2. Called for a fast throughout the land.
  3. Gathered all the people.
  4. Prayed.
  5. Led the people in worship.
  6. Appointed people to sing.
  7. Blessed the Lord.
  8. The people rested.

The King prayed earnestly to God, admitting that he does not know what to do, but will look to God (2 Chr. 20:12). This simple, but extraordinary prayer leads to victory and blessings for King Jehoshaphat and his people. We learn that God will fight our battles for us (2 Chr. 20:15). We also see the great power of praise and worship.

The Lord is attentive and available in our darkest moments. Seeking Him through prayer is more powerful than any enemy we may face.

Has seeking God through prayer and praise ever helped you get through a difficult time? Please share with us in the comments.

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