Revival: The Book that Changes Nations

Revival: The Book that Changes Nations

This Sunday, Pastor Alicia presented an inspiring and uplifting message to conclude the series on Revival. We study the life of Josiah, a young King of Judah who demonstrates what the Lord does for His faithful followers and the vital importance of scripture.

Focus Scriptures: 2 Chr. 33:2-6; 2 Chr. 34; 2 Chr. 35:18

King Josiah takes 7 decisive steps that change his entire country:

  1. He cleanses the land of false worship.
  2. He cleanses the temple.
  3. He found the Book of the Law.
  4. He repents for not following the Book of the Law.
  5. He calls the people to obey the Book of the Law.
  6. He and the people make a covenant to keep God’s commands.
  7. He celebrates Israel’s greatest Passover.

Ezra further imparts the following important lessons in his recounting of King Josiah’s life:

  1. Reading scripture daily changes your life.
  2. It is good to make a covenant with the Lord.
  3. Reading scripture changes Nations.

In a series review, we learn that the book of Second Chronicles is also called a “book of revivals”. Revival requires the following to bring the people back to God:

  1. Commitment (2 Chr. 16:9)
  2. Prayer (2 Chr. 20:12)
  3. A place ( 2 Chr. 24:4-5)
  4. Corporate worship ( 2 Chr. 30:21-22)
  5. Repentance (2 Chr. 34:19)

What will you take away from the Revival Series? Please share with us in the comments.